I have to respond to Richard Snyder’s April 26 letter regarding the town square and the outsourcing of art for a donor wall via a national search.

As a lifelong Janesville resident, I have to voice my support of Richard’s position of disappointment that the ARISE/Forward Janesville team did not even put out a call for artists to submit proposals for this project.

The town square indicates a location by and for the people.

We local artists are part of what makes up this town. During our hours when we are not creating art, we take care of Janesville’s elderly, teach its children, find inspired ways to encourage the disabled, actively seek solutions for the homeless, raise funds for the local nonprofits, install art at public buildings, serve on civic committees, renovate decrepit chapels, as well as provide comfort to our family members through hospice volunteering.

We do those things because we have the heart and soul of artists and are solid, dedicated citizens of Janesville.

We are most certainly capable of handling the donor wall project, especially if we pool our talents.

Bringing in people from Asheville, North Carolina; Greenville, South Carolina, and River Falls is insulting, expensive and shortsighted.

I speak for many as I ask those who want to see their names on a plaque to reconsider what a “town square” should really represent. Shop local!