“The (wind) force was such that any matter capable of movement—guy wires, stays, eaves, power lines, trees and timbers-had begun to vibrate, whine, and moan, each element calling out in its own characteristic voice and pitch. The … harmony of dread that anyone who has lived through a Category four or five storm can never forget—…the unrelenting awful sound is the very worst part of all.” Thus, Les Sandiford describes a hurricane.

The United States is experiencing a category five hurricane! Its eye is a president who supports a Muslim travel ban, children in cages, white supremacists and assaulting women. He denigrates countries, NFL protests, Mexican refugees, women legislators of color and whole cities and their residents. He sidles up to autocrats and breaks bonds with our loyal friends of democracy.

The internal conflict between fear-hate spewing and respectful democratic values vibrates pitched howling voices throughout our country. The whirling chaos generates unbearable moaning and whining.

Common decency is disintegrating; our constitutional foundation washes seaward. Window of truth shatter; people hemorrhage from wounds. Furniture of human respect blows past our eyes. While silent politicians board up mansions, flooding debris crushes our children. The door of climate care is flapping on a hinge’s one screw.

Hurricane Dorian’s Carolina wild mustangs went to high ground and huddled together against the wind. We too must unite, bring our voices in tune and feel breathing and heartbeat oneness while singing: “Love will overcome.”

Together we can still and silence Hurricane Trump.