It saddens me to say that this nation may not make real progress on its goals to improve race relations until it comes to grips with the concept that the Caucasian States of America was founded on philosophies, rules, customs and practices that tended to marginalize the "other."

The "other" being women, Blacks, browns, indigenous peoples and any other group that was not a mirror image of the prevailing northern Europeans in charge at that time.

This statement is not intended to denigrate what these people accomplished as what they did do was monumental. However, it was incomplete. Their tent was not all-encompassing.

How to resolve these issues? We stop acting as if God founded this country. It was founded by people, who have all the shortcomings that we suffer today. Yes, we are a work in progress, thus the corrections we need go back to the beginning. Parts of the foundation were faulty.

Maybe we aren't on par with the Founding Fathers, but we're here now. It's our sacred duty to do this or it won't get done.

This is a seminal time in history. If we do not act now, we may never have an opportunity like this again.

Next, we need to understand that democracy is messy for the same reason diversity is messy.

Acceptance of diversity may be uncomfortable, but that is what is required to accept the "other"—other generations, other ethnicities, other religions, other sexual identities—those that are not mirror images of ourselves. We all become richer because of it.