Allowing alcohol to be served at Wildwood Movies 16 is not a good idea. It is a sad scenario if alcohol sales are the only way to keep Janesville theaters competitive.

I would like to suggest that money designated to create and manage a lounge be used instead to repair all the broken seats in the theater auditoriums and to also increase lighting as a safety factor in the theaters so that people do not kill themselves trying to maneuver around in the dark before and after the movies.

Also, it is ridiculous to think that wandering kids will not be getting the alcoholic drinks. They have fake IDs or will get drinks from older peers or family members and will then have a super time tossing the glow in the dark cups around, and they could very well drive home tipsy.

There must be someone in charge who has more interesting and innovative ideas than sipping martinis out of a glow cup while watching “Frozen II.”