This Wisconsin Supreme Court race is the only chance you will ever get to vote directly against gerrymandering. Our gerrymandered Legislature will pass a new gerrymandered redistricting map, Gov. Tony Evers will veto it, and it will go to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. If Daniel Kelly is on the court, he will vote for whatever is in the immediate interest of the Republican Party, as he always does.

Kelly was not a judge before he was given a political appointment to the Supreme Court, though he was an experienced lawyer. Anybody could be appointed to the Supreme Court if they were loyal enough party hacks. Kelly was and is. He can be counted on to oppose workers, defend dark money, support polluters and do whatever else Wisconsin oligarchs desire. If his opinions on personal morality happen to agree with yours and mine, that is not enough excuse to vote for him.

Ed Fallon is a Marquette law professor. Jill Karofsky has been both prosecutor and victim advocate, and she is a real judge who has presided over thousands of cases. Either one will bring something to the court besides their political opinions. A vote for Daniel Kelly for Supreme Court is a vote for gerrymandering.