Twelve reasons to vote for President Donald Trump:

President Trump is bringing back manufacturing to America.

President Trump cleaned up the corrupt and inefficient Veterans Administration.

President Trump decimated ISIS and pulled America out of the awful Iran deal and is bringing troops home.

President Trump has created relative peace on the Korean Peninsula.

President Trump successfully replaced NAFTA with Mexican and Canadian trade deals that are more favorable to the U.S.

President Trump pulled out of the disastrous and unworkable Paris Climate Accord.

President Trump built the wall. He ended catch-and-release of illegal aliens. He established a remain in Mexico order to discourage fake asylum seekers.

Under President Trump's leadership, the United States has become the largest oil-producing nation on Earth. The benefit to our economy and national security is immeasurable. The United States is now energy self-sufficient.

Early on, President Trump eliminated the costly and unfair Obamacare individual mandate. He also got the Little Sisters of the Poor off the Obamacare hook.

President Trump went against the experts to close travel from China quickly at the beginning of the Wuhan pandemic and has been proved right.

President Trump is the first president to stand up to China. He has punished them economically and is moving key U.S. vendors out of China. He realizes that China is not our friend.

Trump has endeavored to fulfill every promise he pledged to voters. Trump is consistently and apologetically pro-American.