I remember a time not too many decades ago when a citizen at times would vote for the right man instead of his own party.

It was a time when Democrats still had some honor and Republicans were unified yet still found common ground with Democrats. Words like "racist" and "white supremacist" were not thrown around, and when we actually had real, unbiased journalism. It was a time when political correctness took a back seat to truth and when everyone loved America and wanted our Constitution left totally intact.

Now we have a movement to destroy our Constitution, rewrite the Bill of Rights, give foreign invaders more rights than U.S. citizens, ignore existing laws and sustain an underclass of "victims" for voting purposes. They have no problem destroying innocent lives simply because they disagree. They censor any debatable dialog because it is easier to silence dissenting opinion than to debate it.

Hate speech and racism comes almost exclusively from the left, which is historically racist, and even today no one spews more hate and racism. It is so obvious that they are unhinged and unfit for leadership.

America was one election away from global government when Donald Trump became president. He was a gift from God and kept America a sovereign nation. He's a brilliant leader, and despite false witness against him on a daily basis, he never wavers.

He's undoubtedly the best president we ever had.

I believe many Democrats will vote principle over party in 2020.