Janesville police are looking for a dark-colored Pontiac they believe was involved in a drive-by shooting on the near west side Wednesday.

Two people standing outside in the 200 block of Madison Street ran when they heard the shots, and nobody was injured, said Lt. Charles Aagaard of the police detectives unit.

Aagaard said the Pontiac was a Bonneville or similar model, possibly of the 2000 to 2005 model years, with chrome or silver rims.

The driver was the shooter and the car’s only occupant, Aagaard said.

A report of someone being shot at 238 Madison St. came in at 11:29 a.m.

At the scene shortly after noon, Sgt. Brian Vaughn said police found no indication that anyone was shot, including no blood and no shell casings.

Squad cars blocked Madison Street between Laurel Avenue and Ravine Street.

Janesville police have recorded 97 mostly minor incidents at 238 Madison St. over the past two years.

Common calls were described as disturbances, “assist citizen” and noise complaints. The only incident possibly involving a weapon was listed as “armed subject” on Nov. 19.

Police have deemed the address to be a “nuisance residence,” a reference to a city ordinance that requires police to work with landlords to improve conditions, sometimes including getting rid of lawbreaking tenants.

Landlords who fail to comply face fines and could lose their properties.

Landlord Richard J. Bouziane of 1150 Richardson St., Janesville, has pleaded not guilty in Rock County Court to violating the ordinance. A court trial is set for Aug. 13.

This story was updated at 1:38 p.m. Wednesday.