A man who was treated for being a sexually violent person will be placed at a residence just south of Edgerton on Monday, according to a Rock County Sheriff’s Office news release.

The state Department of Community Corrections is making the placement of Byron G. Conner, 45, to 9710 N. Arrowhead Shores Road, according to the release.

Starting this year, counties are required to find housing for sexually violent persons who are residents of the county and are scheduled to be released from treatment.

Conner will be the second person placed in Rock County under the law.

Online court records indicate Conner, of Beloit, was convicted in Rock County of kidnapping in 2001 and imprisoned for two years. Related sexual assault charges were dismissed.

In 2002, a petition to have him declared a sexually violent person was filed. Court proceedings lasted until 2004, when he was committed to a mental health facility under a sexually violent person petition, according to online court records.

Last month, Judge Daniel Dillon, with no objection from the district attorney’s office, approved a supervised release plan, according to court records.

State law requires a release plan to address the person’s need for supervision, counseling, medication, community support services, residential services, vocational services, and alcohol and other drug abuse treatment.

Conner’s plan includes “intensive” supervision that includes at least four face-to-face contacts per month, scheduled or unscheduled home visits, polygraph tests, sex offender treatment, and case managers who will monitor him. He will be required to seek employment.

While at the Edgerton address, Conner is forbidden to have unsupervised contact with minors; patronize taverns, bars or liquor stores; contact his victims; or consume alcohol or drugs. He must comply with standard sex offender rules and cooperate with GPS monitoring, according to the release.