Curb and gutter replacement projects are underway throughout the city through June 30.

Streets will remain open to through traffic while the work occurs, according to a city news release.

Affected streets include:

  • South Crosby Avenue, from almost 250 feet south of Johnson Street to West Court Street.
  • Rockport Road, from South Crosby Avenue to South Orchard Street.
  • Kellogg Avenue, from South Jackson Street to Reuther Way.
  • Cleveland Avenue, from Kellogg Avenue to Termini N. of Kellogg Avenue.
  • South Pine Street, from West Conde Street to Schaller Street.
  • Kensington Street, from South Oakhill Avenue to South Chatham Street.
  • South Terrace Street, from South Pearl Street to Menard Street.
  • MacFar Lane, from South Washington Street to South Terrace Street.
  • Menard Street, from South Pearl Street to South Washington Street.
  • Apache Drive, from Seminole Road to Cherokee Road.
  • Seminole Road, from Cherokee Road to Apache Drive.

For more information, call 608-755-3162.