The Rock County Sheriff’s Office has received another report of a person posing as a deputy.

The sheriff’s office reported one case Thursday in which a person left a voicemail for an out-of-county couple. The caller said he was a Rock County detective and asked for a call back.

In the second incident, the reporting person said the voicemail was from someone identifying himself as a deputy.

In the second case, the caller used the name of a current deputy and said there was a warrant for the person’s arrest, according to a news release.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office does not make phone calls to residents who have arrest warrants, according to the release.

Anyone receiving phone call like this one should not give out personal information and should report it to the sheriff’s office at 608-757-2244, according to the release.

To verify that a caller is from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, call the same number.