Who should run the state’s education department?

Should we allow all-terrain vehicles on rural roads?

Who will represent us in our local governments?

Those questions will be decided by the relatively few who turn out for the annual nonpartisan spring election Tuesday.

Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson said it’s hard to predict turnout this time around, but she ventured a guess of 30% of eligible county voters.

One wild card is the statewide race for superintendent of public instruction. Democratic and Republican party organizations have been promoting their favorites in the race, which could mobilize partisan voters.

Another question is how many people will turn out in Orfordville and the towns of Avon, Center, Plymouth and Union for advisory referendums regarding ATVs and UTVs on rural roads.

The ATV vote won’t decide the issue, but it will tell local governing boards what their residents think.

And there are contested races for city councils, school boards and town and village boards. To see what’s on your ballot, go online to myvote.wi.gov.

Another question mark Tuesday will be the effect of the pandemic.

“I’m seeing more people turning to in-person voting as they feel more comfortable,” Tollefson said, noting the increasing numbers of local residents who have begun their coronavirus vaccinations.

Masks are not required to vote, but they are encouraged.

Polling places will use COVID-19 precautions similar to those in place since last April, such as 6 feet of spacing, plexiglass shields and frequent cleaning.

Other details:

  • Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. statewide.
  • The MyVote website will let you know if you’re registered to vote. If you’re not, you can register at the polls Tuesday with proof of residence.
  • Everyone needs a photo ID to vote. Those using drivers’ licenses, state IDs or passports can use expired copies of those documents, but only if they expired after Nov. 3, Tollefson said.
  • Janesville will continue to use just four polling places: the Rock County Job Center, the former Sears store at Uptown Janesville, City Hall and the Hedberg Public Library.
  • For information you can’t find at myvote.wi.gov, contact your town, village or city clerk.