Edgerton City Council incumbent Candy Davis faces former city official Matt McIntyre on April 6 in the race to represent District 2 on the council.

Candy Davis (I)

Age: 65.

Address: 434 Fairfield Circle, Edgerton.

Education: Stoughton High School graduate, EMT certification from Blackhawk Technical College.

Job: Retired.

Community service: School crossing guard, initiated and maintains the pedestrian crossing flag program.

Elected posts: City council, Edgerton Fire Protection District secretary/treasurer.

Major campaign issue: Promote continued community growth with business and home ownership, support existing businesses, continue prioritizing street repair and ensure the city’s departments and personnel are properly equipped while maintaining a balanced budget.

Matt McIntyre

Age: 63.

Address: 1300 Winston Drive, Edgerton.

Education: Edgerton Senior High graduate, attended UW-Whitewater at Rock County, Blackhawk Technical College and UW-Whitewater.

Job: Good Plumbing and Heating Co.

Community service: Former city council representative to the chamber of commerce, previously active in civic groups.

Elected posts: Former mayor for 10 years and a city council member for 12 years.

Major campaign issue: “I have always tried my best as a council member to keep Edgerton great as a whole and to continue to keep it a fun, exciting place to live in and shop in, and to keep it as safe as possible. That includes well-thought-out neighborhood planning for new subdivisions, maintaining existing hometown businesses and encouraging new businesses to come to the city, increasing the number of high-paying jobs, expanding parks and being transparent about what is happening at City Hall. Let’s preserve what’s best about Edgerton and welcome progress that benefits the residents.”