Two newcomers will face off April 7 to represent the 1st District on the Edgerton City Council. 

Neither Cathy Fidler, a registered nurse, nor Casey Langan, a communication director for a nonprofit, have ever held an elected post. Incumbent David Esau is not seeking reelection.

The winner will serve a two-year term on the six-person council.

Q: What do you see as the major issues facing Edgerton?

Fidler: Properly managing our city's historical buildings. Some of them are over 150 years old, and it's a difficult decision to make as a city to put more money into building or take them down and build new. I will vote to save properties that we can but redevelop as needed. 

Langan: Development and growth in Edgerton in the next decade will be a big issue.We have a very unique opportunity, being between Madison and Janesville, and being on the Interstate.

In 2018, Newville had the most housing starts in Rock County.

It seems like we are poised for residential growth, if we so choose. I would want to see responsible growth, but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having some of that growth within the city of Edgerton.

We have a glut of vacant commercial space in Edgerton, and that’s a concern for anyone driving down North Main Street. In light of recent events, those concerns are going to be compounded. I think an alderperson needs to be open in innovative uses.

One of the ways to improve the business climate might be more flexibility in the zoning in the downtown area.

Q: Why do you think you're the right person for the job?

Fidler: We (my opponent and I) have both lived in Edgerton for most of our lives. Unlike my opponent, I work locally and don't have to travel for work, making me more available to my constituents and present at city council and committee meetings. 

I am truly excited about stepping into community service. I do want to help, and I believe I can do so. I  am diving in with a positive attitude and a desire to have an impact. 

Langan: I think I'll be good at it because of my unique blend of work and volunteer experience. As a former reporter, I've covered a lot of meetings at the local, county and state level. As a former legislative aide, I understand the importance of representing and helping constituents. That's really the lion's share of what you do. It's about helping your neighbors navigate the issues they have with the government.