Newcomer Robert Reynolds will face former mayor Matt McIntyre for the Edgerton City Council's District 2 seat on April 7.

The winner will serve a two-year term on the six-person council. Incumbent Debbie Olson is not running.

McIntyre also is a candidate for Edgerton School Board and Rock County Board.

The Gazette posed these questions to the candidates.

Q: What do you think are the major issues facing the city?

McIntyre: Out at the business park, we should change some of the covenants to attract more businesses. The covenants, these are the rules for the park, might be too strict, and they might be keeping people away. There are tough restrictions on the type of buildings and landscaping around them.

While we hope to expand our downtown business area, we want to maintain and preserve our existing historic buildings as much as possible.

Reynolds: The biggest thing is when you drive down the main roads there are way too many abandoned businesses. A lot of businesses are empty or have moved. It’s both large and small businesses. We have a multiacre Caterpillar plant that has been abandoned since I was a kid.

Edgerton has a real reputation of not being friendly to small businesses, and I’d like to turn that around. Some of our current zoning laws are very antique, and there’s a lot of silly things in them, and I’d like to reform or redraft them to bring them up to date.

You need a permit to open up a lemonade stand. You need a license to hold a garage sale—that’s a license to sell your own property on land that you own. Having a home office is not allowed, either. If you are a vendor at a farmers market or a fair or a gun show, you can’t do administrative work in that office ...  you can’t get conditional-use permits.

I’d also like to clean up some of the licenses, like the license to ride a bike.

Q: Why do you think you’re the right person for the job?

McIntyre: As mayor, I helped develop a TIF district and helped improve the appearance of the buildings in downtown. I helped with marketing the downtown with a tourism board.

I think I have the experience, having been on council and served as mayor.

Reynolds: I was born and raised in Edgerton, and I think we can do better. I also believe that if you want change, you have to be the change. I also think we need some fresh blood.