Two newcomers are challenging three incumbents for three Darien Village Board seats on April 7.

Kevin Atkinson and Daniel Slattery will face incumbents Cheryl Kaufenberg, Shelia Stirmel and William Volmar Jr.

Kevin Atkinson

Age: 48.

Address: 305 N. David St., Darien.

Education: Delavan-Darien High School graduate.

Job: Driver manager and dispatcher at Kolnik Trucking and Distribution.

Community service: Member of the Delavan Lions Club.

Elected posts: None.

Major campaign issue: My family and I moved into our home here in Darien in January 1999. I have enjoyed my time here. The safety and comfort of our village has always appealed to me. As a longtime member of the community and now that my children are grown, I have to decided to run for the board here in Darien to learn more about our community and its inner workings—as well as help to bring a fresh perspective to the issues and decisions facing us in the future.

Cheryl Kaufenberg (I)

Age: 73.

Address: 209 Washington St., Darien.

Education: Bachelor's and master's degrees from UW-Whitewater.

Job: High school and post-secondary educator and substitute teacher.

Community service: Former church treasurer, Sunday school director and volunteer at New Day Women's Clinic.

Elected posts: Darien Village Board.

Major campaign issue: Having attended a number of countywide fire/EMS meetings since the group's inception in 2017, there continues to be a focus on providing needed emergency services here. Some progress has been made by this committee on improving communication along with better dispatch services. Perhaps regional solutions in regard to an area shortage of EMS manpower could bring about more efficient solutions for small municipalities.

Daniel Slattery

Age: 57.

Address: 209 Oak St., Darien.

Education: Associate, bachelor's and master's degrees.

Job: Supply chain management.

Community service: Big Brother and Big Sisters of America.

Elected posts: None.

Major campaign issue: I wish to contribute to my community. I have a vast background in business, including budgeting, assessment of return on investment and project management. I hope to bring my experience to the village board to bring forth cost reductions and tax saving and efficiently run programs that maximize use of village capital. I will to my best to make Darien a great place to live.

Shelia Stirmel (I)

Age: 56.

Address: 313 N. Church St., Darien.

Education: Delavan-Darien High School graduate.

Job: Employee at UW-Whitewater Health and Counseling Center.

Community service: Volunteer for Delavan-Darien Rotary Club, Masonic lodge and Lakeland Safety Council.

Elected posts: None.

Major campaign issue: My goal is to continue to listen to the people of our community and take into account what their needs are and how we as the village board may best serve everyone. Asking questions and waiting for answers rather than blindly agreeing with all things presented to the board for approval. I will continue to strive for improvement and growth within the community that will benefit Darien, while maintaining the camaraderie of our village.

William Volmar Jr. (I)

Age: 48.

Address: 316 Oak Ridge Court, Darien.

Education: Bachelor's degree in information technology.

Job: Technical adviser at FedEx.

Community service: None.

Elected posts: Village board.

Major campaign issue: Our focus is protecting the people who live in our village. We are working together with other communities around us to provide better services for all. Lastly, we need to look to the future and provide a vision of what we want the village to become.