Sarah Braun, a 33-year-old newcomer, defeated on Tuesday long-time council member and former Mayor Matt McIntyre for the District 1 Edgerton City Council seat.

Braun beat McIntyre with 62 percent of the vote, 223 to 132.

That might have been the surprise of the night.

The closest race of the night was in District 2, where former city council member Anne Radtke defeated incumbent Mark Wellnitz by 7 votes, 160 to 153.

In District 3, incumbent Candy Davis earned another council term, defeating Anthony Olson, 162 to 121.

Radtke said she was happy to return to the council.

She said her biggest priorities would be safety issues and jobs, both downtown and in the business park.

Braun, who moved to Edgerton in 2016, said she loves the classic small-town-America atmosphere of the city. She has a master’s degree from American University in Paris, with focus on public-private partnerships for sustainable development.

Braun thinks her experience with sustainable business and tourism can help the council.

“One of the things that has been really important to me personally is the museum project in downtown,” Braun said.

Braun, who is on the historic commission, has also been working with the chamber of commerce on the project.

“I think the museum project could tie into new businesses in the downtown,” Braun said. “We already have a tourist draw with the lake.”

Braun hopes to bring new ideas to the table on how to capitalize on the summer visitors.

During the race, Davis and other candidates stressed the need to stay within a budget while at the same time maintaining the city’s infrastructure. Street repair and upkeep has been a major issue.

Davis and other candidates also stressed the need for continued business recruitment for the city’s business park.