Here are a few key things for voters to remember as they go to the polls Tuesday, from Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson.

  • Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. statewide. Most voters will see short or no lines, although Milton School District voters might see large turnouts.
  • The state website myvote.wi.gov will show voters exactly what’s on their local ballots and also includes information on what kinds of photo ID are allowed, how to register on Election Day and polling locations.

If the answer isn’t on the website or for those who don’t have computer access, call your local municipal clerk.

  • A change in voting rules that went into effect last November could help someone who registers to vote on Election Day. The law now allows a credit card statement as a proof of residence. Electronic versions of a credit card or utility bill are allowed, too.
  • People have registered as write-ins in several county races, but the law does not allow poll workers to post a list of them. If interested, ask poll workers who has registered as a write-in.
  • The Rock County clerks’ website includes a list of local candidates, including registered write-ins. Click on “Election information” and then “What’s on your ballot.”

Tollefson expects a turnout of about 20 percent county-wide as voters decide local races and also the race for state Supreme Court.

Some localities will see sub-20 percent turnouts, while places with referendums, including Milton, Clinton and Brodhead, likely will see higher turnouts, Tollefson said.

But even where the political waters are calm, Tollefson reminds residents that their spring-election votes—for school boards and city, town and village governments—can make a difference.

“These are the people who make decisions on how your local money is spent,” she said.