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^Democrats formally seek 6 years of Trump tax returns from IRS<

CONGRESS-TRUMP-TAXRETURNS:BLO — House Democrats on Wednesday formally demanded that the IRS turn over six years of personal and business tax returns for President Donald Trump, setting the stage for a clash with the White House and in the courts.

Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal sent a letter to Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Rettig, citing Congress' oversight responsibility to review the president's business activities before and during his first term.

350 by Anna Edgerton and Laura Davison in Washington. MOVED


^House Democrats authorize subpoena for full Mueller report<

MUELLER-1ST-LEDE-CORRECTION:CON — The House Judiciary Committee authorized Chairman Jerrold Nadler on Wednesday to subpoena the full Mueller report and its underlying evidence, directly confronting Attorney General William Barr, who has indicated he intends to withhold some information from Congress.

The resolution passed by a party-line 24-17 vote in the committee, which also authorized Nadler to subpoena five Trump officials who no longer serve in the White House.

800 by Griffin Connolly in Washington. MOVED



Also moving as:

^MUELLER:NY—<450 by Chris Sommerfeldt. MOVED


^Joe Biden, criticized for his treatment of women, promises to be 'mindful' of personal space<

BIDEN-1ST-LEDE:LA — Former Vice President Joe Biden, facing a crisis that could hobble his 2020 presidential campaign even before it is launched, stepped up damage-control efforts and, for the first time, personally responded to complaints from women who say they were uncomfortable with his tendency to touch and hug people he meets in politics.

"Social norms have begun to change; they have shifted," Biden said in a two-minute video posted on Twitter. "The boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and I get it. I get it."

900 (with trims) by Janet Hook in Washington. (Moved as a politics story.) MOVED


^Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and others face judge in college admissions scandal<

CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD-2ND-LEDE:LA — The popping flash bulbs, scrum of reporters and gawking onlookers that greeted actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin Wednesday had the makings of a red carpet appearance.

But the path that police and Homeland Security agents cleared for the women led not to an awards show, but the federal courthouse in Boston, where they and other parents charged in the college admissions scandal appeared before a judge.

900 by Matthew Ormseth and Joel Rubin in Boston. MOVED


^Counterintelligence probe of Chinese activity focuses on Mar-a-Lago, Cindy Yang, intruder<

MARALAGO-ARREST:MI — Federal authorities are investigating possible Chinese intelligence operations targeting President Donald Trump and his private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, sources familiar with the never-before-reported investigation told the Miami Herald on Wednesday.

The federal counterintelligence probe was turbocharged Saturday when U.S. Secret Service agents arrested a Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang, after they said she tried to enter the club with electronic devices, including a thumb drive infected with "malicious malware." The ongoing investigation has also recently focused on Li "Cindy" Yang, the sources told the Herald.

1550 by Jay Weaver, Nicholas Nehamas, Sarah Blaskey, Caitlin Ostroff and Alex Daugherty in Miami. MOVED



Also moving as:

MARALAGO-ARREST:PM — 850 by Christine Stapleton in West Palm Beach, Fla. MOVED



^Trump administration is studying options for closing the US-Mexico border<

TRUMP-BORDER:BLO — The Trump administration is examining options for shutting entry points to the U.S. from Mexico in case the president follows through with his threat to close the border, a White House official said Wednesday.

Officials are discussing the possibility of closing select ports of entry, partly closing them, or shutting all entry points entirely, said the official, who asked for anonymity to comment on private deliberations. The preparations are said to be somewhere between a theoretical discussion of options and implementation planning.

850 by Justin Sink in Washington. MOVED


^Lawmakers cheer NATO chief despite Trump criticisms of alliance<

CONGRESS-NATO:CON — The head of NATO on Wednesday gave a historic speech to Congress that was as much about celebrating the military bloc as it was about U.S. lawmakers signaling their continued commitment to the alliance amid a period of turbulent trans-Atlantic relations.

"Together, we represent 1 billion people," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said of the 29 nations that make up the Western military alliance. "We are half of the world's economic might and half of the world's military might. When we stand together, we are stronger than any potential challenger economically, politically and militarily."

That line drew a standing ovation, one of many lawmakers gave Stoltenberg.

550 by Rachel Oswald in Washington. MOVED


^Senate goes 'nuclear' again, speeding up Donald Trump's nominations<

SENATE-NOMINEES:CON — Senate Republicans moved ahead with deploying the "nuclear option" again Wednesday, this time following through on an effort to cut down on debate time for most of President Donald Trump's nominees.

500 by Niels Lesniewski in Washington. MOVED


^White House plans dollars, investment for post-Maduro Venezuela<

USVENEZUELA:WA — The Trump administration is quietly planning to move quickly to revive the Venezuelan economy after the fall of Nicolas Maduro by working with banks in the region to prepare for an infusion of U.S. dollars and investment to revitalize the oil-rich economy, a top White House economic official said Wednesday.

"We call it Day Two. I am heavily involved along with (Commerce Secretary) Wilbur Ross we have a lot of plans to revitalize the Venezuelan economy and to move very rapidly," said Larry Kudlow, director of the White House National Economic Council.

500 by Kevin G. Hall in Washington. MOVED


^US swats Cuba for role in Venezuela by moving closer to fully implementing Helms-Burton<

^USCUBA:MI—<The Trump administration will postpone its decision on whether to fully implement the Helms-Burton Act for two weeks. The move actually increases pressure on companies — primarily from Spain, Canada and the United States — because they could potentially be sued for "trafficking" in properties confiscated by the Cuban government as many as 60 years ago.

The decision, announced Wednesday, comes amid intense criticism of the government of Cuba, for its role in supporting Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

900 (with trims) by Nora Gamez Torres. MOVED


^Democratic Green New Deal defectors chart their own climate path<

GREENNEWDEAL-DEFECTORS:BLO — As the founder of a company that turns industrial emissions into energy, Sean Casten turned a career spent fighting climate change into the centerpiece of his successful campaign for Congress.

But don't expect the first-year House Democrat — who defeated a six-term Republican incumbent in Illinois — to back the ambitious climate plan championed by progressives such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"The Green New Deal is a political document," said Casten, a member of the moderate New Democrat Coalition of 101 lawmakers. "If we all passed it tomorrow, it wouldn't make a lick of difference."

750 by Ari Natter in Washington. MOVED


^Gaetz unveils a Green Real Deal as a counterproposal to Ocasio-Cortez's plan<

GREENREALDEAL:CON — Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., introduced the Green Real Deal on Wednesday, a competing resolution to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal, a sign the ambitious plan to combat climate change championed by the Democratic freshman has convinced some in the Republican Caucus of the need for a conservative counterproposal.

650 by Emily Kopp in Washington. MOVED


^Is the cost of your gasoline about to rise? Washington looks ready to talk about a tax hike<

^CONGRESS-GASTAX:WA—< The Trump administration and congressional Democrats have found something they agree on — and it could mean higher taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Last week, President Donald Trump's energy secretary, Elaine Chao, told senators that a gas tax hike was on the table when asked whether the White House would support such a move.

And this week, Democrats are indicating that they too are ready to consider a tax increase — an effort that would fund publicly popular infrastructure improvements but has hit a hard wall of opposition for years from fiscal conservatives and advocates for low-income people alike.

1000 (with trims) by David Lightman in Washington. MOVED


^More money to fight homelessness could come California's way under this bipartisan plan<

CONGRESS-HOMELESS:WA — Congress is considering giving a $750 million bump in help to comprehensive programs to help the homeless, with agreement from both Democrats and Republicans that it's an innovative approach to a persistent issue.

The bill, introduced last week by California Democrats Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Ted Lieu, would give the grant money to localities, such as local governments and nonprofits, who could then dole the money out to programs that provided housing, mental health services, substance abuse services, case managers and more to the homeless. Its goal: To comprehensively address the issues that contribute to chronic homelessness.

600 by Kate Irby in Washington. MOVED


^SC's Clyburn and Scott each champion poverty proposals. Can they find common ground?<

CONGRESS-POVERTY:WA — Jim Clyburn has the "10-20-30" plan. Tim Scott has "Opportunity Zones."

For years, these two South Carolina members of Congress — Clyburn a House Democrat, Scott a Senate Republican, both African American — have promoted their own anti-poverty proposals in parallel lanes, talking past each other rather than working together.

800 by Emma Dumain in Washington. MOVED


^Kamala Harris leads Senate push to let 'Dreamers' work on Capitol Hill<

CONGRESS-IMMIGRANTS:CON — Senate Democrats are introducing legislation this week to end the prohibition on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients working on Capitol Hill.

350 by Katherine Tully-McManus in Washington. MOVED


^House Democrats launch effort to expand Violence Against Women Act<

CONGRESS-VIOLENCE-ACT:CON — House Democrats take their first step this week to expand the Violence Against Women Act in an effort to prompt the Senate to do more than simply extend the lapsed domestic violence law — and they've included a contentious gun control provision.

The House is expected to pass the bill to reauthorize the 1994 law and add language to expand housing protections for victims, give more help to Native American women and enhance law enforcement tools through grants.

650 by Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^8 Republicans break with GOP on Obamacare lawsuit<

HEALTHCARE-CONGRESS:CON — Democratic congressional campaigns have already made health care an early focus of their 2020 messaging, and House Democrats bolstered that effort Wednesday with a symbolic vote that sought to once again put Republicans on record on the issue.

Eight Republicans sided with Democrats on the non-binding resolution, which passed the House 240 to 186. It condemns the Trump administration's support for invalidating the 2010 health care law in its entirety. The Department of Justice, in a new filing last week, backed a Texas judge's decision to strike down the law.

1200 by Simone Path in Washington. MOVED

^Chris Murphy says 'double standard' exists between physical and cybersecurity in Senate<

^SENATE-CYBERSECURITY:CON—<Senators want to fix what they're calling a "double standard" between how physical and cyber security are handled by the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms.

At a Legislative Branch Appropriations subcommittee hearing Wednesday, Sen. Chris S. Murphy, D-Conn., pressed Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger on threats to lawmakers and staff's personal digital devices, including smartphones.

750 by Katherine Tully-McManus in Washington. MOVED



^Conservative groups that wanted to oust Mitch McConnell not calling for a repeat<

MCCONNELL:WA — Mitch McConnell is heading to re-election next year without a primary threat looming on his right — a marked contrast from his last election, when he faced an aggressive, if ultimately unsuccessful challenge.

The lack of a potential rival speaks to McConnell's success at working with President Donald Trump as well as the result of the 2014 primary challenge. McConnell defeated challenger Matt Bevin five years ago by more than 20 percentage points.

850 by Lesley Clark in Washington. MOVED


^Pollsters prep for more 'whack-a-mole' with 2016 in rearview<

^CAMPAIGN-2020-POLLS:CON—< Pollsters gearing up for the 2020 presidential election have an additional task to contend with: convincing a skeptical public that their work is still reliable.

Questions about their methods have dogged them since President Donald Trump's surprise victory in 2016, although the midterm results helped mitigate some of those doubts.

"I think that's a sign that people learned from '16," said Democratic pollster Margie Omero, a principal at GBAO and co-host of "The Pollsters" podcast. She noted that 2018 surveys rightly predicted that Democrats had an advantage in House races.

1250 (with trims) by Bridget Bowman in Washington. MOVED



^Doomed 737 Max's pilots apparently followed Boeing's emergency directions<

BOEING-PLANE-1ST-LEDE:SE — The pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max that crashed last month appear to have followed the emergency procedure laid out by both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration — cutting off the suspect flight-control system — but could not regain control and avert the plunge that killed all 157 on board.

The Wall Street Journal, citing people briefed on the crash investigation's preliminary findings, reported Tuesday night that the pilots hit the system-cutoff switches as Boeing had instructed after October's Lion Air MAX crash, but couldn't get the plane's nose back up. They then turned the system back on before the plane nose-dived into the ground.

2050 by Dominic Gates in Seattle. MOVED


^3 former fraternity brothers get jail in hazing death at Penn State<

CMP-PENNSTATE-HAZING:PHI — Three former fraternity brothers have been sentenced to jail for their roles in the 2017 hazing death of 19-year-old Tim Piazza at Pennsylvania State University.

Piazza was a sophomore engineering student from New Jersey when he died Feb. 4, 2017, from injuries he sustained after a night of heavy drinking and hazing at a Beta Theta Pi party.

300 by Robert Moran in Philadelphia. MOVED


^Dallas DA drops felony charge against woman beaten in assault case<

DALLAS-BEATING:DA — A day after Dallas police issued a warrant for her arrest, the Dallas County district attorney's office has declined to prosecute a felony case against the woman hospitalized after being beaten last month.

District attorney's office spokeswoman Kim Leach confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the criminal mischief warrant for 24-year-old L'Daijohnique Lee had been recalled.

1100 (with trims) by Jennifer Emily, Dana Branham and Sarah Sarder in Dallas. MOVED


^US to pay $250,000 to settle lawsuit by disabled vet detained after parking in disabled spot<

DISABLED-VETERAN-LAWSUIT:SD — The federal government has agreed to pay $250,000 to settle a lawsuit by a disabled U.S. Marine veteran from San Diego who said a national park ranger used excessive force while arresting him for parking in a handicapped space, according to the veteran's lawyer.

The veteran, Sgt. Dominic Esquibel, sued the U.S. government and the Department of the Interior in federal court in 2014, alleging assault, battery, false imprisonment and negligence related to Esquibel's arrest on Dec. 22, 2012 at the Big Stump entrance of Sequoia National Park in Fresno.

700 by Morgan Cook in San Diego. MOVED


^AccuWeather's early prediction for the 2019 hurricane season is in. Here's what it says<

WEA-HURRICANES-FORECAST:FL — AccuWeather issued one of the first predictions for this year's Atlantic hurricane season Wednesday, with a forecast that calls for five to seven hurricanes.

That number of storms would represent a slight decline from last year, which produced eight hurricanes, including Hurricane Michael, which struck the Florida Panhandle at devastating Category 4 strength.

350 by David Fleshler in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^'She needed that plane to land.' After daughter's death, family takes airline to court<

PLANEDEATH-LAWSUIT:FT — Brittany Oswell was 25 years old and returning from her honeymoon in Honolulu in 2016. She and her new husband, Cory Oswell, had spent several weeks in Hawaii, and now she was excited to go back home.

She called her mom before boarding the American Airlines flight to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, from which she would fly to South Carolina to see her family.

Brittany never made it home.

During the flight from Hawaii to Texas, Brittany had a pulmonary embolism. A doctor on board asked the pilot to land the plane three times to get Brittany to a hospital, but the plane did not land, according to a lawsuit.

550 by Kaley Johnson in Fort Worth, Texas. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED


^Miami detention center for migrant children is expanding again<

IMMIGRATION-CHILDREN-CENTER:MI — Already a lightning rod in the national fight over immigration policy and family border separations, a detention center for migrant children in Homestead is once again expanding to accommodate the growing number of teenagers in federal custody.

The government announced this week that an old job corps headquarters reopened last year as a youth detention center will grow again in April to more than double the capacity that existed at the beginning of the year.

600 by David Smiley in Miami. MOVED


^Baltimore ethics panel to investigate mayor's sales of 'Healthy Holly' books<

BALTIMORE-MAYOR:BZ — The Baltimore Board of Ethics voted unanimously Wednesday to open an investigation into whether Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh's sale of her "Healthy Holly" children's books violated city ethics rules.

The five-member board voted after receiving a letter March 28 from Associated Black Charities, which described five groups that donated a total of about $87,000 to the organization to purchase 10,000 copies of the books.

900 (with trims) by Doug Donovan in Baltimore. MOVED


^The 'Healthy Herbie' mystery: Where did 20,000 copies of Baltimore mayor's books go?<

BALTIMORE-MAYOR-BOOKS:BZ — In late March 2013, a Federal Express truck pulled up to a loading dock behind the Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters on North Avenue and unloaded 186 boxes that had been sent from a printer in Winnipeg, Canada. An operations staff member signed for the delivery.

Inside those boxes were 18,600 copies of "A Healthy Start for Herbie," the shipping document says, fresh off the presses. The first run, some 1,500 copies, had been delivered to the author, Catherine Pugh, just about a week before. Pugh, who is now Baltimore's mayor, was a Maryland state senator at the time.

The shipping record shows the big batch that landed at the school system were sent to the attention of Andres Alonso, then chief executive officer.

But where the books went after the loading dock is unknown.

1400 (with trims) by Liz Bowie and Talia Richman in Baltimore. MOVED


^Driver stops to let pedestrian cross his path — then rams him with his car<

FLA-PEDESTRIAN:FL — The sage but cynical advice "beware the kindness of strangers" was proven in a supermarket parking lot in Oakland Park, when a driver braked to let a pedestrian cross in front of his car. Then the motorist accelerated and hit the man he had just let pass.

Video showing what first appeared to be an act of kindness was released Wednesday by the Broward Sheriff's Office, which called the driver's actions "bizarre, cruel and reckless."

350 by Anthony Man in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^St. Louis County man admits supporting terrorists, including man who fought for Islamic State<

TERROR-PLEA:SL — A man from St. Louis County pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges and admitted raising money for terrorists, including a fellow county resident who fought and died for Islamic State in Syria, prosecutors said.

Ramiz Zijad Hodzic, 44, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and one count of providing material support to terrorists.

300 by Robert Patrick in St. Louis. MOVED


^A day after being indicted, NC GOP chairman relinquishes power<

NCGOP-CHAIRMAN:RA — A day after being indicted by a federal grand jury, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party has relinquished his duties.

The indictment accuses NC GOP chairman Robin Hayes of trying to funnel bribe money to the reelection campaign of North Carolina's insurance commissioner. Hayes is also charged with three counts of making false statements to the FBI. Hayes has denied the allegations.

300 by Paul A. Specht in Raleigh, N.C. MOVED

^Ronald Siegel, drug expert who believed people naturally like to get high, dies at 76<

SIEGEL-OBIT:LA — Ronald K. Siegel, a leading authority on psychoactive substances who believed the war on drugs was futile because the pursuit of intoxication — drugs, alcohol, psychotropic plants — is permanently and deeply embedded in the psyche of every human being, has died from complications of Alzheimer's disease. He was 76.

650 by Steve Marble in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Texas bars chaplains from inmate execution chambers<

TEXAS-EXECUTIONS-CHAPLAINS:AU — Chaplains will no longer be allowed in the rooms in which Texas death row inmates are executed, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced Wednesday.

150 by Katie Hall in Austin, Texas. MOVED

^San Diego State will let students put any name they wish on their diploma<

CMP-SANDIEGOSTATE-DIPLOMAS:SD — San Diego State University has decided to allow students to place almost any name they wish on their college diploma, largely to help transgender and non-binary people to use names that better match their preferred gender and sexual preferences.

The decision, which goes into effect next year, reflects a growing effort by the public to decide how they will be described on official records, including driver's licenses and college registration forms.

350 by Gary Robbins in San Diego. MOVED


^Marjory Stoneman Douglas students walk out to protest lack of mental health resources<

PARKLAND-SUICIDES:MI — Some students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School walked out of school Wednesday to protest insufficient mental health resources on campus following two Parkland shooting survivors' suicides last month.

250 by Colleen Wright in Miami. MOVED


^Good Samaritan was carjacked by the motorist he pulled over to help on I-26, SC cops say<

GOODSAMARITAN-CARJACKING:CS — A good Samaritan who pulled over to help after an apparent car crash on Interstate 26 was instead carjacked by the man he was trying to help, according to Lexington County deputies.

200 by Teddy Kulmala in Lexington County, S.C. MOVED


^Baby born inside California McDonald's<

MCDONALDS-BABY:FR — A woman gave birth to a baby at a McDonald's restaurant in Madera, Calif., police say.

150 by Ashleigh Panoo in Fresno, Calif. MOVED



^British parliament approves legislation to delay Brexit<

BRITAIN-EU-2ND-LEDE:DPA — British parliamentarians late Wednesday narrowly approved a bill seeking to delay Brexit, as they attempt to avoid a no-deal exit from the European Union.

In a third reading, the House of Commons, parliament's elected main house, voted by 313 votes to 312 in favor of forcing Prime Minister Theresa May to seek an extension of the current Brexit date of April 12.

500 by dpa correspondents in London. MOVED


^Boys trapped in Thai cave were drugged for risky rescue dives<

^THAILAND-CAVE-DRUGS:LA—<The drug ketamine has enjoyed a long career as a workhorse anesthetic. It had a brief career as a party drug known as "Special K." And just last month, it won recognition from the Food and Drug Administration as a fast-acting antidote for treatment-resistant depression.

But if you thought the drug ketamine was out of surprises, you'd be wrong. In a new account of the bold operation that freed 12 soccer players and their coach from a watery cave complex in Thailand last July, ketamine is credited with playing a key role in the rescue.

1150 (with trims) by Melissa Healy. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.



^A Trump mutiny? Republican prospects warily eye 2020 presidential run<

TRUMP-2020-GOP:LA — Steve Scheffler, who represents Iowa on the Republican National Committee, has a warning for anyone in the party hoping to deny President Donald Trump the 2020 GOP nomination.

"We want to protect the integrity of the caucuses and give people the ability to make their case," he said, referring to the balloting that kicks off the election season next February. But, Scheffler went on, there will be zero tolerance for any Republican who comes to Iowa and "starts bashing the president and his policies."

"That," he said, "will be dealt with."

As Trump looks ahead to his reelection bid, the president enjoys a vise grip on the GOP and its machinery, as well as overwhelming support among Republican voters, with a sky-scraping 90 percent approval rating. Even harsh critics see little chance Trump will be denied his party's nomination, barring a dramatic change in fortune.

1250 by Mark Z. Barabak and Eli Stokols in Des Moines, Iowa. (Moved as a politics story.) MOVED


^Bolton tests his boundaries and Trump's patience in growing role<

BOLTON:BLO — White House national security adviser John Bolton is expanding his influence in increasingly visible ways, pursuing his own long-standing foreign policy priorities at the risk of tensions with top administration officials — and even President Donald Trump himself.

An example spilled into the public eye last week, when an irked Trump cryptically announced on Twitter he'd undo some North Korea-related sanctions blessed by Bolton. The president's decision was quietly walked back and the sanctions remain in place.

Since joining Trump's White House, Bolton has pursued an agenda that includes trying to break Iran financially, oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, shield Americans from the reach of the International Criminal Court and toughen the U.S. posture toward Russia. He coordinated with key lawmakers, U.S. diplomatic and defense officials and the Israelis to compel Trump to slow an abrupt withdrawal of American forces from Syria.

1450 by Margaret Talev and Jennifer Jacobs in Washington. MOVED




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