Six-year-olds are confident they know what their moms like.

A surprising number of moms thoroughly enjoy trips to water parks. Watching superhero movies and attending parent-teacher conferences also are on moms’ bucket lists.

We should add a disclaimer: Our polling population was limited to six first-graders at Washington Elementary School’s library. The subject was, of course, Mother’s Day.

Here’s something unsurprising we learned: These first-graders love their moms with all their hearts and aren’t afraid to say so.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here our polling results—as well as inside information about the presents some moms will be getting Sunday.

Jayden Ruiz’s mom is sick right now, but when she’s not, she likes mint chocolate shakes at Frostie Freeze on Court Street.

Jayden, 6, tended to supply answers in the form of questions. Under the category of “Do you have any messages for Mom,” Jayden said, “I love my mom?” It wasn’t that he was unsure about it; he just wanted to be certain he was providing the right answers.

Why does he love his mom?

“Because she takes me places?” Jayden said. “Because she cares about me a lot?”

Yes, both of those are excellent answers. Jayden’s mom has even taken him to a Wisconsin Dells water park.

Wyatt Renken, 6, informed us that his mom works at night, sleeps in the morning and plays video games during the day. We suspect this is not an accurate accounting of her whole schedule, but we didn’t want to pry.

What’s his favorite thing to do with his mom?

“Just snuggle,” Wyatt said.

Did he have a message for his mom?

“I love her very much, and I don’t want to lose her,” Wyatt said.

Sam Knueppell, 6, said his mom likes it when he brings her breakfast in bed when she’s sick.

Here’s another cool thing: Sometimes his mom gets him presents just because she likes him. Once she got him a basketball hoop because she knows he likes basketball.

Does his mom play basketball?

“I can beat her, but she’s kinda good at it,” Sam said.

What makes his mom the most amazing mom in the world?

“When me and my brother get into trouble, she doesn’t, like, punish punish us, but she’s still nice to us,” Sam said.

He said his mother’s favorite things to do include “going on trips and going to (school) conferences to see how good we’re doing.”

Lucas Staltz, who is “7, almost 8,” said he and his dad have already picked out his mom’s present.

“I like to play football with her a lot, “ Lucas said. “Mostly we just play catch. Sometimes we play games together, and I usually win.”

His mom’s favorite thing to do is “watch ‘Avengers’ movies.” She also likes Florida because it is warm.

“She takes us to water parks in the summer,” Lucus said.

Does he have a Mother’s Day message for his mom?

“I love you very much, and I would give you five presents,” Lucas said.

Reed Pratt, 7, likes to bake with her mom.

“I was really tired one night, and we came home, and she said, ‘Do you wanna bake something?’ And I said, ‘Sure,’ and then she asked me what I wanted to bake, and I said, ‘A cake,’ and so we baked a cake and then frosted it,” Reed said.

Reed’s mom, who has blond hair and green eyes, is amazing because she “hugs me at night and tells me that she loves me.”

On Mother’s Day, Reed plans to give her mother a lot of hugs and thank her for all she does.

She’ll also tell her, “I love you very much.”

Seven-year-old Avalon Pierce’s favorite thing to do with her mom is to have a “mommy-daughter day.” They go out and do fun things such as shopping and eating in restaurants. Noodles & Company is their favorite spot to eat.

For Mother’s Day, Avalon and her dad will cook her mom breakfast in bed and make her “lots of projects.” She’s not sure what those projects will be yet.

Does she have a Mother’s Day message for her mom?

“I love you with all my heart.”

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