Craig Guthrie of Elkhorn dumps cooked pork chops into a container during the Walworth County Pork Chop Cookout in 2016. The 2019 event returns Wednesday at the fairgrounds in Elkhorn.


The secret recipe for the Walworth County Pork Chop Cookout is out—there isn’t one.

With the event approaching Wednesday, those involved say they’re ready to share the “secret” recipe with locals.

David Adams, a fair board member, is in charge of cooking the pork chops with a team of others. He laughed when asked about the secret to making the chops.

“They’re just good,” he said. “I don’t know why. I just think they’re good.”

The pork chops are seasoned in a tumbler equipped with a vacuum to spread the seasoning. Adams said the trick is to keep the chops juicy by not overcooking them.

Larry Gaffey, fairgrounds manager, knows the Walworth County Fairgrounds will be a busy destination on Wednesday because of the famous food.

He expects to serve nearly 4,000 pork chops.

“Cooking thousands of pork chops is no easy task, and to make them all taste so good, too, it’s impressive what they (the cooks) do,” Gaffey said.

A meal ticket gets two pork chops, baked potato, applesauce, cole slaw, bread and ice cream. Visitors can dine in, use the drive-through or get take-out.

Money raised from the event will be used to maintain buildings on the fairgrounds.

“We pick out the projects that need to be hit,” Gaffey said. “There’s always something that needs help.”

In order to do that, the Walworth County Pork Chop Cookout is ready to serve up plenty of pork chops featuring its not-so-secret recipe.

“The event is always filled with people who love the fair and fair stories, and it’s a good cause to keep the fair going,” Gaffey said. “And the pork chops are just so good.”