Rock County’s clerk faces a challenger in the fall elections.

Yuri Rashkin, a county board member, has announced he will oppose Lisa Tollefson, and Tollefson said she will run for re-election.

Tollefson and Rashkin both are Democrats, so if they both meet the June 1 deadline to file nominating signatures and other required paperwork, a primary would be held Aug. 11.

Rock is a heavily Democratic county, so the primary election would likely decide the winner of the Nov. 3 election.

As of Monday, no one else had filed to run for the seat.

The county board appointed Tollefson clerk in 2015 to fill a vacancy. Rashkin was one of nine people who applied for the job.

Tollefson won election in 2016, defeating then-Janesville City Council member Sam Liebert in the Democratic primary.

Liebert has moved out of the county. He is administrative services director and clerk/treasurer for the village of Sussex.

Before her appointment in 2015, Tollefson was clerk for the town of Harmony for five years.

Rashkin represents county board District 15, which comprises wards 16, 17 and 18 in the city of Beloit. He would have to relinquish that seat if he is elected clerk.

Rashkin previously served on the Janesville City Council from 2008-12.

The county board voted March 26 to increase the clerk’s pay starting Jan. 1 to $81,867, Tollefson said. The county vote came before candidates could take out papers, as required by state law.

The vote also called for incremental salary increases in each of the four years of the clerk’s term, Tollefson said.

Among other county offices, so far only the incumbents have taken out papers to run for register of deeds and treasurer, Tollefson said.

The district attorney position is handled by the state Elections Commission. Its website indicates only incumbent David O’Leary has taken out papers.