Family operates popular butcher shop on Highway 14


Not even road construction can stand between Rock and Walworth County residents and their locally raised meat.

The owners of Sorg’s, a popular butcher shop at N4290 Highway 14, are determined to remain open while construction rips up their stretch of Highway 14 in the town of Darien.

Construction began in May between Interstate 43 and Highway 11 and is expected to last through fall.

Sorg’s will be open throughout the project, said co-owner Barb Sorg. Motorists are able to access the shop on Highway 14 from Highway 11.

So far, business hasn’t appeared to dip, Sorg said, but some customers have complained about detours. Suggested detour routes are Highway 140 to Interstate 43 through Clinton and Highway 11 to Interstate 43 through Delavan.

Sorg said it’s imperative the business remains open because it sells perishable foods. It also operates a slaughterhouse, so it needs to ensure emergency vehicles can access the site.

Sorg said the shop likely will have a busy summer servicing at least four county fairs. Sorg’s offers to slaughter and process many of the animals bought and sold at the fairs.

She admitted her stretch of Highway 14 was in “terrible” condition and that construction was welcomed.

“We have no problem with them fixing it,” Sorg said. “There’s a lot of roads that are bad. ... If we have little bit of discomfort, that is fine.”