Corey Dominy hacks away at the snow and ice along the edge of his driveway in Janesville while clearing a path to the street drain Tuesday.


With higher temperatures comes melting snow and the potential of flooding, so the city is reminding residents to help prevent street flooding by clearing storm sewer drains.

The public works department saw localized flooding in some areas Tuesday and has addressed problems as they arise, said Maggie Darr, operations director.

But she said it’s challenging to preemptively monitor the city’s more than 7,600 sewer drains.

Snow piles sometimes cover the drains, and it is difficult to tell they are iced over, Darr said. Residents can help by clearing storm sewer drains of ice and debris.

Darr said moderate overnight temperatures and no precipitation in the immediate future should help clear a lot of snow this week without roads and sidewalks freezing over.

One big melt gives public works employees less to worry about when spring arrives, Darr said.

“When we have this much snow in one season, it is going to flood at some point,” she said. “Better to start now than the last week of March.”

Gazette weather data shows this winter cracked the top 10 for snowfall.

Residents are encouraged to call the City Services Center at 608-755-3110 if they experience flooding in their neighborhoods.

Darr warns people against driving through floodwaters on roads because it could be hazardous to their vehicles.

Although the risk for Rock River flooding is low now, the city is preparing sandbags, barricades and signs in case it becomes an issue in spring, Darr said.


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