Dane Trustem stands with his supreme champion dairy cow named Landi at the Rock County 4-H Fair on Saturday.

Supreme champion dairy cow

Name: Dane Trustem, 19.

Club: Magnolia 4-H.

Cow’s name: Landi.

Breed: Holstein.

What it takes to win: Hard work was the first thing that came to Trustem’s mind when thinking about how he raised his supreme champion Holstein.

Then he pondered for a bit and laughed nervously. Trustem comes off as a humble champion.

Until you ask him what it is like to raise cows alongside his brother, Luke Trustem, who raised the reserve champion dairy cow.

The brothers are competitive, Dane said, and there is more than a little back and forth banter between them as they prepare for fair week.

You cannot raise a champion without family support, Dane said.

Dane said it was “unreal” to raise the supreme champion in his last year at the fair. He has competed for 12 years.

What the judges look for: Good udders are key to a champion dairy cow, Dane said.

A shiny coat and dairy strength are also key, Dane said.

Reserve champion dairy cow

Name: Luke Trustem, 17.

Club: Magnolia 4-H.

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