A line forms for sheep weigh-ins Tuesday at the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds.

A lamb on display at the Rock County 4-H Fair busted out of its barn Wednesday morning.

The animal leapt from its pen just after 9 a.m. and walked out one of the entry gates at the event and into the street.

“I turned and they were trying to corral it, and it got away from everyone and went right through the gate, past us, and into the road,” said Joanne Tomasovic, who was working at the gate near the sheep barn when the escapee made a break for it.

The animal went down the block toward another gate, and visitors were trying to grab it. Tomasovic said the lamb seemed spooked by this and turned back around. After entering the intersection of Randall Avenue and Memorial Drive, the sheep walked farther down Memorial before being corralled.

Scott Davis works with Badger 4-H and used to serve on the fair board. He helped reel in the animal and said with a smile that it was an interesting event.

“The animals are feeling the difference in temperature from last week, so they want to get the heck out,” he said. “When you’re in an open barn, that can happen.”

Traffic stopped for about five minutes at the intersection, which is typically busy with cars and foot traffic during fair week. Tomasovic said she was glad the animal was wearing a bright blue cooling vest so it was more visible to drivers.

“It was a moment where people were talking about how their hearts sped up,” she said. “I’m glad the sheep wasn’t hurt, and when it was caught, everybody clapped and cheered.”