Name: Austin Beaumont.

Club: Bradford 4-H.

Years showing at fair: 10.

Steer’s name: Gus

Breed: Crossbreed.

What it takes to win: Beaumont has been showing at the fair for a long time. In his last year, he said a grand champion is the perfect finale.

“It’s a lot of long hours in the barn, a lot of dedication and a little bit of luck,” he said.

“It’s a really neat experience. I’ve been here before, and I’ve done pretty well, but it’s nice to go out with a bang.”

What the judge looks for: Mark Core judged this year’s competition. He said Gus had everything he wants in a grand champion steer.

“He’s very complete, very balanced. He’s got length and depth of body, and he handles well for a steer of his weight,” Core said.

Reserve champion

Name: Justin Ochs.

Club: Harmony 4-H.