Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson released on Wednesday the list of candidates for each of the 29 Rock County Board of Supervisors seats up for election this spring.

Only one county board race, to represent District 3, will require a primary on Tuesday, Feb. 15, according to the county clerk’s office

Three candidates will be on the ballot for residents in District 3, which covers the city of Edgerton and some wards in the town of Fulton. The two with the most votes in the primary will square off April 5. The three candidates include incumbent Danette Rynes and challengers Matt McIntyre and Debi Towns.

In the spring election, seven incumbents will seek reelection. Incumbent supervisor Mary Mawhinney is being challenged by Carla Buchanan in District 6, which includes ward 2 in the city of Janesville and wards in the towns of Milton, Lima, Harmony and Johnstown.

In District 7, incumbent Mike Mulligan faces Ronald Woodman. That district includes the towns of La Prairie, Bradford, Clinton, Turtle and wards 1 and 2 of the city of Clinton.

The new supervisory district maps drawn to incorporate 2020 U.S Census data, will pit incumbents Rich Richard and David Homan against each other in District 8, which includes ward 1 in the town of Beloit; wards 1 through 3 in the town of Janesville; and wards 1 through 5 in the town of Rock.

Two newcomers, Lucas Carter and April Whitledge, will face off in District 12, which covers wards 4 to 6 in the city of Beloit. Kim Schneider will seek to unseat incumbent Robert Potter in District 17, which encompasses the city of Beloit’s wards 20, 22 and 23.

Hoping to represent city of Janesville wards 3 and 4 in District 18 are Billy Bob Grahn and Ron Sutterlin. In District 21, which consists of town of Janesville ward 5 and city of Janesville wards 13 and 14, Alan Furnas and Brent Fox will square off.

Incumbent Russ Podzilni will be challenged by John Smecko in District 23, made up of wards 21 and 22 in the city of Janesville. Jim Farrell and Kevin Stone are the candidates in District 24, which includes city of Janesville wards 17 and 18.

John Burt is looking to replace incumbent Tricia Clasen as supervisor for District 26, which consists of wards 23 and 24 in the city of Janesville.

There are no declared candidates for the District 11 seat to represent city of Beloit wards 7 through 9 and 11. All write-in votes will be counted by election officials to determine the winner.

Another 17 candidates are running unopposed for county supervisor. They include Mary Beaver (District 1), Alan Sweeney (District 2), Connie Winter (District 4), Bill Wilson (District 5), Lou Peer (District 9), Brian Knudson (District 10), Genia Stevens (District 13), Mike Zoril (District 14), Kevin D. Leavy (District 15), Yuri Rashkin (District 16), Lori Pennycook (District 19), Chris Cullen (District 20), Karla Herrmann (District 22), Rich Bostwick (District 25), Tom Brien (District 27), Ronald Bomkamp (District 28) and Kathleen M. Schulz (District 29).


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