After six attempts and four hours of work, the Rock Aqua Jays water ski team successfully completed an attempt at a world record and now awaits approval from Guinness World Records.

The team set out Saturday to complete the world’s largest human water ski pyramid and did so with an 80-person pyramid, said Kevin Ostermeier, spokesman for the Rock Aqua Jays.

The previous record was 64 people, Ostermeier said.

Technically, the team broke the record twice, Ostermeier said; first with a completed pyramid of 70 people, enough to break the record, and then again again with 10 more people.

To break the record, the team needed to hold the pyramid for 200 meters, Ostermeier said. The team held on for about 350 meters, significantly exceeding the minimum.

The Rock Aqua Jays recruited help from The Aquanuts from Twin Lakes and Webfooters from Fremont, Ostermeier said. It took an additional 50 or so people behind the scenes to make the event happen.

The team spent a year preparing for the attempt, Ostermeier said. He estimates about 800 spectators came throughout the day to watch the team.

The team should know in about two weeks whether the record has been approved Guinness, Ostermeier said. He believes there is no reason the record will not be approved.

“It is so great to have Janesville on the map, tied in with the Rock Aqua Jays and the events we hold for the community,” Ostermeier said. “... Hopefully it will be a great feather in the hat for the city.”