From left, Riverside Terrace residents June Malizio, Arvid Sundet and Gale Helms enjoy pie baked by residents at a Wednesday Thanksgiving social event where residents shared what they were grateful for.


“Be thankful for what you have—and what you don’t have.”

That’s the wisdom Riverside Terrace resident Bobby Kroeger, imparted on Thanksgiving Eve. She shared how she was thankful for her family, friends, Riverside Terrace and her good health during a Thanksgiving social activity led by activity coordinator Brooke Monyelle.

The residents were basking in gratitude and feasting on pumpkin pie slices from pies they baked together the day before.

The event kicked off with the distribution of the pie.

June Malizio was a bit modest about her contributions to baking.

“You open a can of this and a can of that,” Malizio said.

“I think you did good, June,” Arvid Sundet said.

Nearby Donna Kitzman and Kroeger were enjoying the pie and cards Monyelle handed out.

“We are so spoiled, we get such cute things,” Kroeger said.

Residents also counted their blessings as Monyelle took notes on little paper leaves that wound up strung on a Thanksgiving tree.

It was a bit emotional as residents recounted what they were grateful for today and over the years.

Most agreed they were glad they had each other as friends and their children and grandchildren. The residents said they were thankful for life and thankful to be together. Some who had lost spouses said they were thankful for the time they had together. They were thankful for sunshine, the view outside the window and trees. One man said he was grateful for chocolate. Most agreed they were grateful for the ample menu at Riverside Terrace, located at 3055 S. Riverside Drive.

“They serve man-size servings, even to the women,” Kroeger said.

Kroeger said she is involved in the home’s book club, current events, walking club, watercolor painting and more.

“It’s endless,” Kroeger said.

Recently, she said therapy dogs, including a Newfoundland puppy, came to visit.

“They were so well behaved,” Kroeger said.

Prior to the event, Eunice “Peg” Remmele, 106, said she was thankful for her three children and Riverside Terrace.

“Have you looked at our menu? On Friday there is tilapia, salmon, crab cakes and orange roughy,” Remmele said.

She said residents get to help choose the menu and that there are duck and lamb chops once a month.

“Today, I had a cream puff for dessert,” she added.

Remmele said Monyelle is a tremendous person and activities director and does a great job with staff decorating for the holidays. She said she enjoys reading mysteries, Westerns and romance novels.


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