A September 2018 photo shows water spraying at the interactive water feature in the town square on Janesville’s downtown riverfront. ARISEnow, a group that’s working on private-side revitalization of the riverfront, announced Thursday that the water feature has officially been named ‘The Bubbler.’


Orb. The Bubbler. The Hub. The Spark. The Link.

Pick one.

One of those names will be bestowed on the fountain-like interactive water feature that was completed last year in the ARISE Town Square along the riverfront in downtown Janesville.

ARISEnow, a group that is working on private-side revitalization on downtown Janesville’s riverfront, announced Friday it has launched a survey to let residents pick their favorite of five names the group culled from a contest last month.

The name that gets the most votes will become the official name for the water feature.

Residents who want to vote can access an ARISEnow online survey through gazettextra.com/fountain. Residents can vote for one name.

The survey runs through Tuesday, and ARISEnow will announce the winning name at a community discussion at 5 p.m. Thursday at the Janesville Performing Arts Center.

The water feature is a centerpiece of the public-private town square redevelopment, a park-like space that opened to the public last year along South River Street. The town square area is adjacent to the recently opened festival street, and is looked at as the nexus of public and private-side revitalization in the city.

The park’s water feature, which features a minimalist metal sculpture, colored lights and timed water jets was funded privately and is one of a number of projects that ARISEnow hopes to privately fund and construct between Milwaukee and Court streets.

The five finalist names for the water feature were culled from a list of more than 120 submitted through a naming contest last month.