John Jacobs' motto is, "Do what you can with what you have where you are."

That's how Jacobs graduated from the church choir to the world of evangelical power-lifting.

On Sunday, John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force Demonstration visited Christian Life Church in Elkhorn.

Jacobs and his team bill themselves as a "strength team" who "display unique feats of strength and share a powerful message of destiny and purpose."

Jacobs preached in the morning. In the evening, his team planned to break baseball bats, rip license plates in half, lift heavy items, inflate hot water bottles and perform other feats of strength with their arms, teeth and heads.

It's an evangelical ministry Jacobs has been doing most of his life. He often performs in public schools—without the religious message—and then invites students and their parents to a church performance that evening.

Jacobs acknowledged with a grin that the performances are "a bait to draw people into the church." 

It's a formula that has worked for him, Jacobs told the Christian Life crowd Sunday morning.

At the end of each of his strength shows, Jacobs does an "altar call" and invites audience members to come up and accept the Christian faith. Thousands of people have accepted Christ through his work, he said.

All of Jacobs' jobs came from accepting the gifts he had, he said.

When he was a young man, Jacobs joined the church choir. He couldn't sing, but a friend assured him that he just needed to be loud. About two weeks later, the choir director suggested that he pursue a different ministry.

He did: teaching younger kids. Jacobs said he discovered that his talent for showmanship made the kids more willing to listen. As he grew bigger and stronger, he learned how to use feats of strength to engage audiences. 

"I did what I could with what I had where I was," Jacobs told the crowd.

All people have a gift for ministry, he said, and it doesn't have to be something sensational—such as smashing full cans into their skulls or bending iron bars with their necks.  

It just means finding their own way to serve.