Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a campaign stop at Tankcraft Corp. in Darien on Aug. 19. Pence has a visit to Janesville planned for Monday.


Vice President Mike Pence will visit Janesville for a campaign stop Monday morning, according to President Donald Trump’s campaign website.

“Join Vice President Mike Pence for a Make America Great Again! Event in Janesville, Wisconsin,” reads a listing on the Trump campaign events page.

Pence is scheduled to speak at 11 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, 3100 Wellington Place, according to the website.

The website includes a form to request tickets.

The planned Pence stop follows his Aug. 19 stop in Darien, where he spoke at Tankcraft Corp.

Representatives from both the Trump and Joe Biden campaigns in recent weeks have been visiting Wisconsin, considered to be one of the most closely contested among a half dozen battleground states.

Both Trump and Biden visited Kenosha after unrest that followed a police officer shooting a Black man in the back.

Lt. Mike Blaser with the Janesville Police Department said his agency will coordinate with the Secret Service, Capitol Police, and other local, state and federal agencies to coordinate security for the event. Blazer said he and a sergeant were having initial conversations about the event Thursday night but had not yet had contact with the Secret Service.

“Each event is different,” Blaser said. “It depends on what they send for forward teams.”

The venue, he said, is chosen by the campaign.