Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan speaks after accepting the Generations Award from the Rock County Historical Society during their annual History Makers Gala at the Pontiac Convention Center in Janesville on Saturday, April 27.

Former 1st Congressional District representative Paul Ryan will join a conservative think tank as a distinguished visiting fellow, according to a Tuesday news release.

The Washington, D.C.-based American Enterprise Institute describes Ryan’s role as a distinguished visiting fellow in the practice of public policy, focusing on opportunity, mobility, the social safety net and entitlement reform.

Those issues line up with many of the ideas Ryan espoused during his political career.

Institute President Robert Doar said in the release that Ryan “has always been among the most substantive and thoughtful of political leaders. He possesses a keen awareness of how politics works—and doesn’t work—a firm belief in the potential of all Americans, and an understanding of the limitations of the federal government. We are very glad that he will bring all of that to AEI.”

Ryan said in the release: “The American Enterprise Institute is needed now more than ever as conservatives debate and study the key policy issues of our day, and in the coming year, I am excited to add my own views and findings to the debate.”

Janesville native Ryan has announced a number of endeavors since he left Congress, including a guest lectureship in political science and economics at Notre Dame University.

Ryan spokesperson Kevin Seifert told The Gazette that Ryan’s first lecture at the private Catholic university will be “later this week.”

Ryan represented the 1st District for 20 years starting in 1999. He rose to be speaker of the House, from October 2015 to January 2019.

Ryan ran for vice president with GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012.

It was revealed in August that Ryan and his family were moving temporarily to a D.C. suburb while maintaining their Janesville residence.