The Janesville Police Department


Never mind the stamp or the trip to the Janesville Police Department.

You now can pay your parking ticket online.

Thursday, the police department will begin using software from Passport Labs, a Charlotte, North Carolina, company that specializes in helping municipalities, universities and other large entities streamline operations and reduce costs, according to a police department news release.

“This will not change the way we do parking enforcement,” police Sgt. Joshua Norem said.

Along with allowing people to pay online, the system will change the way the citations look. In the past, some citations were hand written and others were generated electronically.

The new system makes it easier for community service officers to enforce parking ordinances. The system is web-based, so officers can use cellphones to input information. A hand-held printer, connected through Bluetooth, allows them to print out tickets on the spot.

The system also will give the department an easier way to track where tickets are being issued, Norem told WCLO radio.

Online payments can be made at janesvillewi .rmcpay.com. The police department still will accept payment in person or by mail.

Common questions and answers about the new system or parking enforcement can be found at gazettextra.com/parking_tickets.