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The front wall of the former GM plant in Janesville topples to the ground during demolition in May. Residents who line up in time on Aug. 10, stand a chance to claim a few bricks at a giveaway.


Blackhawk Community Credit Union says it plans a second giveaway of bricks from the former General Motors plant Aug. 10, but this time it will be at a new venue and will run four hours.

Credit union CEO Sherri Stumpf said volunteers through the credit union have readied thousands more bricks for a second distribution.

The credit union plans to hand out the bricks at the site of its future headquarters, the former Moose Lodge property at 2701 Rockport Road.

The distribution will run from 7 to 11 a.m. or until bricks run out, Stumpf said.

On May 4, the credit union distributed more than 2,500 bricks—up to two bricks per car—to residents free of charge. Those bricks came from a wall in an older part of the GM plant, and the credit union handed them out in drive-thru fashion at the credit union’s West Court Street location.

The bricks being handed out Aug. 10 are from two parts of the 100-year-old GM plant complex that were among the last to fall during demolition this spring. They’ll have a different character and look compared to the GM plant bricks given out in May.

Some of the bricks in the Aug. 10 giveaway come from the former plant’s east façade, the front of the plant’s landmark administration building that faced South Jackson Street.

The credit union also will distribute large bricks collected from the plant’s main smokestack, which demolition crews pulled down April 28.

In May, at the first giveaway, hordes of residents lined up in vehicles for a mile along West Court Street. Some people waited hours in their cars to get a few bricks.

Stumpf said the former Moose Lodge, which the credit union bought earlier this summer, was chosen as the site for the latest brick giveaway because the spot will allow better traffic flow than West Court Street.

Local police have asked organizers to limit the Aug. 10 giveaway to four hours to ensure that traffic from the event won’t disrupt other local activities planned on the west side that day, Stumpf said.

Stumpf and organizers wouldn’t estimate how many bricks are available for distribution, but Stumpf said there shouldn’t be a shortage.

“We’ve got plenty of bricks. We’ve got a lot of bricks from the front façade of the building, and the bricks from the smokestack are large. Very large,” Stumpf said.

She said the smokestack bricks are large enough that organizers will distribute only one per vehicle.

Like the first distribution, the bricks are free, but the distribution will be first come, first served.