A man accused of shooting and killing another man in his Janesville driveway Jan. 23 pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Rock County Court.

Lucas E. Stuhr, 39, of Browntown, entered his plea after a preliminary hearing in which he was bound over for trial.

Stuhr is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the death of Clifford A. Grice, 41, of Janesville.

Grice was romantically involved with a woman who had been involved with Stuhr, according to the criminal complaint.

A Janesville police officer and detective were the only witnesses to testify Tuesday. They discussed the scene of the homicide and their investigation, offering few new details.

Grice had been sitting in the driver’s seat of a car parked in his driveway with his girlfriend in the front passenger seat when Stuhr pulled in behind them, the officers testified.

Grice and Stuhr got out of their cars, Stuhr asked the woman why she was “unfaithful” and the men had words. According to the girlfriend, Grice told Stuhr to leave and told him there was a surveillance camera on the house, Detective Kyle Austin testified.

Stuhr went back to his car and then returned to the couple. Grice started getting out of the car, which is when Stuhr shot him several times, Austin said, basing his testimony both on the girlfriend and video captured by a surveillance camera above Grice’s front door.

Officer Ryan Jaremko described arriving at the scene at 2617 Kellogg Ave., where he saw Grice “with his feet in the vehicle and his head outside, surrounded by a pool of blood.”

The woman “was up in front of the vehicle, telling me to save him,” Jaremko testified.

Jaremko said he applied pressure to a wound, and CPR was started when other officers arrived.

Paramedics arrived later and decided to end lifesaving attempts, Jaremko said.

Austin said he interviewed the woman later at the police department. She told the detective she feared Stuhr was going to shoot her, too.

She allowed Austin to examine her phone. He saw Stuhr had called her after the shooting, Austin said.

Stuhr had left the scene and was fleeing from Green County sheriffs’ deputies. Austin asked the woman to call Stuhr and ask him to stop fleeing, which she did.

Stuhr stopped and was arrested west of Brodhead, where deputies found a 9mm Glock handgun that was later identified as the gun used to kill Grice, Austin said.

Stuhr waived his Miranda rights and told Austin that Grice “swung at him” during their second encounter, but he didn’t remember what happened after that.

Video footage did not show Grice swinging or acting in a threatening manner, Austin said.

Assistant District Attorney Mason Braunschweig asked Austin the last question: Based on the investigation, who does he believe shot and killed Grice?

“Lucas Stuhr,” Austin said.

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