No injuries were reported Thursday morning after a Beloit Turner School District bus ran over a student’s bike near the Turner High School parking lot, police said.

Town of Beloit Police Chief Ron Northrop said no arrests were made or citations issued. The department only filed an incident report, he said.

Northrop said a student was riding a bike on the south side of Inman Parkway toward the high school-middle school complex when the bus—which was southbound on Bartells—stopped at the stop sign where the student was also stopped.

Northrop said both the bus and the student advanced into the intersection of Bartells Drive and Inman Parkway.

In an emailed letter to parents, district officials said the student “thought they might be hit by the bus, so they pushed or ghost rode their bike into the intersection and the bus struck the bike, running it over with the front right tire.”

“This serves as a good time to remind us all of the dangers that exist in our school zones and the need for extreme caution by all,” the letter reads.

In the letter, district officials said they were working with the town of Beloit to install sidewalks on the south side of Inman Parkway from Prairie Avenue to Riverside Drive. Construction on the sidewalks is expected to begin next July.