The former Varsity Lanes bowling alley in Milton will soon be home to BoxDrop Mattress and Furniture Direct.


Box springs and bed frames will be placed where lanes and pinsetters once resided as a discount mattress company store prepares to relocate in Milton.

The former Varsity Lanes, 450 S. John Paul Road, will be renovated to house BoxDrop Mattress and Furniture Direct, a company that works with wholesalers to provide discounted mattresses and furniture to customers.

Owner Kristy Klein said she and her husband, Rob Klein, chose to move their Janesville BoxDrop location at 1824 Lafayette St. to Milton because they needed more space.

Klein’s landlord told her about the former bowling alley, which has sat vacant since the Milton School District stopped using it for athletic practice facilities last year, and she thought it would be a great place to expand the business.

Kristy and Rob live with their six children in Elkhorn, where they opened their first BoxDrop store. They opened a store in Janesville after seeing many of their Elkhorn customers coming from Janesville, she said.

BoxDrop has more than 300 locations nationwide, each with individual, local owners, Kristy said.

BoxDrop works direct with mattress and furniture wholesalers to clear out wholesalers’ inventory and then resell goods to customers at discounted rates, Kristy said.

Kristy is passionate about getting customers good deals. One of the best parts of her job is watching people walk away with new furniture they can be proud of that they otherwise can’t afford, she said.

BoxDrop stores take customers by appointment only but offer same-day appointments, Kristy said.

The city’s plan commission approved last month for the building owner—Backyard Properties—to install an overhead door for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Local zoning ordinances require plan commission approval for exterior changes at the site, according to a city memo.

Backyard Properties has submitted internal remodeling plans to the state, according to the city memo.

Kristy said they are waiting for sprinkler system installation, loading dock construction and other improvements before moving in. She guessed the mattress store would be running by July 1.

City Administrator Al Hulick said plan commission approval was the only city approval needed for the store.

Kristy looks forward to getting involved in the Milton community. Her business has worked with nonprofits for fundraisers and charity projects in the past, she said.

Kristy and her husband once delivered a mattress to an elderly couple on Christmas while dressed as Santa Claus. The couple was on a fixed income and struggling to come up with the money for new furniture.

So the couple gifted the mattress to them, no charge, Kristy said.

“We want to be part of the community ... when they (customers) leave with a purchase, we make new friends,” Kristy said.