A dog who bit a 10-year-old girl in July struck again Monday, biting another person and an officer who responded at the scene.

In the second incident, the dog bit a member of the owner’s household around 9 a.m. Monday in the 1000 block of Tripoli Road, Janesville, according to Sgt. Dean Sukus of the Janesville Police Department.

Sukus said police were dispatched to assist the owner, who was attempting to transport the dog, a pit bull-Rottweiler mix.

When officers arrived, the owner was outside the vehicle and attempted to hand over the animal on a leash. During the exchange, the dog lunged at the officer and bit him on the left arm. Sukus said the officer was treated at the hospital, but the injury was not severe and he returned to work shortly thereafter.

The dog was briefly quarantined after the attack on the girl in July, but it was released to its owner Aug. 10.

Anisa Sanfratello, the mother of the girl bitten in July, said the second attack could have been prevented. She said the dog should have been deemed vicious, which would warrant euthanizing it.

“I am very disappointed with the way the police handled this case,” Sanfratello said. “If they would have decided this dog was vicious in the first place after mauling my daughter there wouldn’t be a second victim.”

Under state law, a dog can be put down for biting when two criteria are met. First, the dog must have caused serious injury on two separate occasions “without reasonable cause” or provocation. Second, the owner had to have been aware, or made aware, of the dog inflicting the injury prior to the second incident.

Now that there have been two separate incidents, euthanasia could be imminent. It is unclear, however, whether the owner will choose to do so without a court order.

Update: Since the publishing of this story, the owner did opt to have her dog euthanized.

Correction: The person who was in the owner's car was a friend who did not live with the owner.


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