Hundreds of golf balls intended to be smacked into the warm summer air and roll on soft green turf were instead spilled onto a frozen highway Monday night.

An estimated 5,000 golf balls apparently fell off a truck and spilled onto Highway 11/14 east of Janesville.

The Rock County 911 Communications Center received a complaint about the incident near the intersection of Highway 11/14 and Milton-Shopiere Road at 12:27 a.m. Tuesday, said shift supervisor Derek Ninmer.

A sheriff’s deputy determined the balls had fallen off a delivery truck, Ninmer said.

The Rock County highway shop sent a street sweeper to push the balls off the road, Ninmer said. People were collecting the balls along the highway Tuesday morning.

Dozens of orange and white balls were still strewn along the highway, along with ripped packaging, just east of Milton-Shopiere Road.

A man who declined to be identified was seen collecting balls along the highway. He said he had driven on the highway Monday night when another vehicle kicked up a ball that cracked his windshield.

The packaging said the balls were Nitro brand. A dozen of such balls sell for $5 to $8, according to online ads.