Life is good, and soon there will be Popsicles.

If the last day of school had a motto, that would be it.

On Tuesday, Janesville elementary school children celebrated the last day of school with games, pizza, a fifth grade “clap out”, picnics and a range of other joyful events.

At Jackson Elementary School, students spent the morning playing outside as they enjoyed a field day, an event that included:

  • Playing a version of duck, duck, goose that allowed them to pour a Dixie cup of water on a teacher’s head, but only in the nicest way possible.
  • Hula-hooping themselves to exhaustion.
  • Running through, up, over and under an obstacle course.
  • Throwing stuff.

Between their activities, we asked students to reflect on their school year and share their plans for the summer.

Maya Wojcik, 10, will be in fifth grade next year.

“I guess I’m going to miss my teachers and math,” Maya said.


“Yeah, I like math,” Maya said. “It’s, like, one of my hobbies.”

Her friend Lyza McGuigan, 9, said she would miss her teachers and reading.

“At school, they have books that I don’t have at home, and the library is very peaceful and quiet, and I like to read that way. My house is very chaotic.”

Lyza and Maya are going to have a cleaning club this summer called Dust Bunnies. Lyza stressed that it wouldn’t be a club with meetings and stuff like that. Nobody likes meetings. Instead, Lyza and Maya will be charging $5 a room for their cleaning services.

Maya also will get to travel to Poland to visit family. This is the third time she’s visited the country.

Kaysten DeMotthi, 8, has more chill plans for the summer.

“I’m just going to eat Popsicles at my house,” Kaysten said.

Kaysten’s friend Cecil Wright, 8, declared that the last day of school was the best. They didn’t say this with any maliciousness—they were just having fun right that minute.

They’ll miss gym class and their friends.

Cecil will especially miss his friend who lives in the trailer park and doesn’t know where Cecil’s house is and so probably can’t come over to play.

Aracli Mernio and her friends Mar’tavia Warner and Brooklyn Chambers will miss teacher Kelly Gilligan. The girls are all 10.

Mar’tavia said she’ll also really miss her principal, Kristen Moisson

Really, she’s going to miss the principal?

Yes, Mar’tavia loooooves Mrs. Moisson.

With another full year of school under their belts, the kids had plenty of advice for youngsters moving up a grade.

Most of it boiled down to “follow the rules,” but Maya advised other kids not to “go into drama.” This does not mean avoid the theater. Rather, it means not to gossip or spread rumors.

Violet Rosburg, 8, advised her fellow students to “follow directions and never give up.”

Words to live by.