The city of Evansville razed a home at 317 Cherry St. in May and is now asking for someone to redevelop the site with specific guidelines.


The City of Evansville is looking for a developer to build a single-family home on a site where a home was razed in May.

Proposals are due to the city by Aug. 20, and the city expects the building to be occupied by Oct. 1, 2020.

The 0.18 acres lot at 317 Cherry St. used to be home to Barry and Debra Russ before the city razed it in May. The Russes had to vacate their home in December because the city found it “unfit for human habitation.”


The former home of Debra and Barry Russ at 317 Cherry St. in Evansville has since been razed after the city purchased it in December.

The city bought the property from the couple for $5,000 to avoid a costly court battle, City Administrator Ian Rigg told The Gazette in December.

Asbestos was removed from the property in April, and the house was razed in May. The basement and foundation have been removed.

In a request for proposals document, the city says it is looking for someone to develop a home that fits into the look and feel of the neighborhood.

Homes years ago were designed to be affordable, expandable and create dense neighborhoods, according to the request.

Those dense neighborhoods “create a lasting positive impact” on the city and its housing stock, according to the request.

Minimum requirements for proposals include:

  • Complies with residential zoning.
  • Exterior design blends with neighborhood.
  • One-and-a-half stories.
  • Large front porch, at least 120 square feet.
  • Garage not visible from the front of the house with option to install a garage later.
  • Driveway no more than 15 feet wide at the sidewalk.

The city suggests the house have two stories; full bedroom and bathroom on the first floor; basement; and detached or attached garage; and have opportunity for expansion.

Those suggestions will improve a proposal’s chances for selection, according to the request.

Proposals will be reviewed by the plan commission and city council.


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