The Rock County Land Conservation Department will accept hazardous chemicals from residents and businesses Saturday, June 22, in Beloit and Saturday,Aug. 24, in Janesville.

Both events are 9 a.m. to noon. The Beloit event is at the city public works garage, 2351 Springbrook Court, Beloit, and the Janesville event is at the county Public Works Department, 3715 N. Newville Road, Janesville.

Clean Sweeps are open to all Rock County residents.

Registration is required and will close after the events reach full capacity. To register, call 608-754-6617, ext. 3

Acceptable waste includes pesticides, mercury, solvents, unusable gasoline, oil-gas mixtures and vehicle fluids. Information on what to save for Clean Sweep and tips on what to do with household chemicals is available on the Rock County Clean Sweep website at

Rates for chemical disposal have changed. Disposal of 4- to 5-quart pails costs $5 each, two 5-gallons buckets or boxes costs $10 each, three 5-gallon buckets or boxes costs $40 for all, and vendor rates apply for four or more boxes or buckets.

County residents can get free disposal for up to 200 pounds or 30 gallons of ag chemicals with advanced inventory.

Businesses that produce 220 pounds or less of waste per month are eligible to use the drop-off program in Rock or Dane counties. Businesses must pay a disposal cost but not vendor mobilization fees.

A free, no-obligation quote is available for businesses that work with turf, horticulture, crops or ground maintenance. A 50% discount on disposal costs is available for businesses with agricultural chemicals.

For more information about the business drop-off program, call 608-754-6617, ext. 4758, or email with “Clean Sweep” in the subject line.

Use of year-round services on the recycling list is encouraged for disposal of batteries, electronics, fluorescent lamps and ballasts, small amounts of motor oil or antifreeze, and engine coolants. Residents and businesses are advised to check with solid waste haulers regarding their available recycling services.

An updated recycling list and available services are posted at -clean-sweep or a copy can be mailed by request by calling 608-754-6617, ext. 3.

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