A car crashed into a day care center on Janesville’s east side Thursday, coming within inches of a child before stopping.

Two children sustained minor injuries—a scrape to one and bruising to another, both caused by flying debris, said police Sgt. Dean Sukus.

One child was close to where the front bumper ended up, Sukus said.

The crash was reported at 12:01 p.m. Thursday at KinderCare, 3327 E. Milwaukee St.

Sukus said a parent was dropping off or picking up a child when her car accelerated into the building.

The driver thought the brakes malfunctioned, but police tested the brakes and found they worked, Sukus said.

What probably happened is the driver depressed the accelerator, thinking it was the brakes, he said.

The driver was not injured, Sukus said.

A Janesville Fire Department official said the vehicle crashed into an area of the building that’s normally used as a nap room for children.

The crash occurred just as children were lying down to nap, Sukus said.

“The driver, the children and the staff were upset about what happened,” he said.

Some of the parking spaces next to the building have curbing, but there was no curb or concrete stoppers in the area where the car crossed into an area of landscaping before hitting the building, Sukus said.

“Accidents happen, and this is clearly one of them,” he said.

Children were taken to nearby Bethel Baptist Church.

KinderCare officials referred questions to their corporate office.

City building inspectors were sent to determine if the building is safe.

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