The Beloit School Board hopes to have an interim superintendent in place by Tuesday to fill the gap created by the resignation of Stanley Munro.

Munro resigned Thursday after multiple complaints were filed regarding his behavior.

The board planned to interview candidates from outside the district to serve as an interim superintendent.

Pamela Charles, who Friday stepped down as school board president, said the intent is to have an interim superintendent in place as early as Tuesday. After the interim superintendent is hired, the board will begin conversations about hiring a new superintendent.

The board also voted unanimously to discontinue the three-tier teacher rating system instituted under Munro. Any plans of improvement created under the system were deemed null and void as well as other plans of assistance not vetted properly through human resources.

The board also voted to pause grade reconfiguration planning. A task force had been meeting for months to discuss a grade reconfiguration, and the latest plans were to have one school for seventh and eighth grades and other schools housing pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. The board had planned to vote on the issue in March.

Munro resigned after three of his cabinet officials and one security officer filed complaints accusing him of creating a hostile workplace.

On Jan. 3, a security officer emailed the board accusing three district officials including Munro of subjecting him to retaliation, harassment and improper disciplinary action after he reposted a Facebook link about a teacher support rally on the first day of school.

Executive Director of Business, Human Resources and Operations JoAnn Armstrong and Executive Director of School Leadership and Equity Peggy Muehlenkamp filed a complaint Jan. 10 accusing Munro of berating and retaliating against staff as well as excessively calling and texting them.

It further alleges Munro lied to the public, attempted to fire staff without just cause and illegally attempted to evade the Wisconsin Open Records Law.

A third complaint was filed by District Chief of Communications and Marketing Monica Krysztopa on Jan. 15.