Ten more Rock County Jail inmates have tested positive for COVID-19, according to results from the latest round of testing that a jail official shared Wednesday.

Jail Capt. Kim Litsheim told The Gazette on Wednesday that the latest batch also included 40 negative test results.

She said this week that 113 inmates who previously tested positive in a recent outbreak are now considered “recovered.” As of Wednesday, she said the jail had 26 inmates who were considered “active” cases, meaning they were within 10 days of a positive test result.

In the latest round of testing, however, 26 inmates declined to be tested.

Litsheim said she wants all inmates to be tested, but she cannot force them to do it. Instead, she said she has to work on housing inmates who refuse a test together so they don’t mix with those who tested either negative or positive.

Staff members who have tested positive were sent home for 10 days, she said. As of Wednesday, the jail did not have any staff members still waiting in that window, she added.

She said the jail has not recorded any new hospital visits for inmates beyond the three that occurred closer to the start of the outbreak. Those three were taken to the hospital, evaluated and returned to the jail, officials have said.

The outbreak that appeared to start earlier this month reached about half of the inmate population, which worried their loved ones on the outside. Inmates also have shared their concerns about conditions within the jail.

Litsheim said the jail has urged the court system to look at bonds to make sure they are appropriate.

However, the recent outbreak has not changed the criteria established earlier in the pandemic for who the jail is bringing in, she added.