SSM Health at Home in Janesville has a completely made over mastectomy fitting room thanks to a local furniture store.

Siker Furniture made a “generous donation” to the Janesville medical equipment store at 3700 E. Racine St., according to a news release.

A mastectomy fitting room provides a “private and relaxing environment” for patients when they meet with a mastectomy fitter.

Mastectomy is a procedure that removes breast tissue and is used as a way to treat or cure breast cancer.

More than 250,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Meeting with a mastectomy fitter can help women who need surgery feel like themselves again, according to the news release.

“My job is to listen, understand what each patient needs, and then guide them through the process,” SSM Health at Home’s certified mastectomy fitter Danette Rynes said. “This new fitting room will allow me to meet with patients in a calming and beautiful space as we work together to find the mastectomy solutions that work best for them.”


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