Walworth County confirmed a third case of COVID-19 on Friday, and officials said it showed evidence of community spread of the coronavirus.

Community spread means an infected person had no exposure to a known case of COVID-19 and did not travel to a place with known community spread.

Two of the county's three positive cases had no known contact with confirmed cases and had not traveled to an area with community spread, Walworth County Division of Public Health officials said in a news release Friday.

Officials urged social distancing as an effective way to limit the spread of the virus. They recommend staying home as much as possible, avoiding public places and staying six feet away from other people during activities such as grocery shopping.

“Even if you are symptom free and not part of an at-risk group, we urge you to change your lifestyle immediately," Erica Bergstrom, public health officer, said in the release. "Think about how you can decrease close contacts and crowded environments. The number of confirmed cases in Wisconsin constantly reminds us of the importance of social distancing and good hygiene to prevent disease spread."