A member of the Wisconsin National Guard medical team is dressed for rainy weather while helping with free COVID-19 testing Monday at Dawson Ball Fields in Janesville.

The Rock County Public Health Department’s online data dashboard has shown skyrocketing COVID-19 positivity rates, but that data is skewed, according to the email and a Facebook post from the health department.

Negative test result data has not been shared to the county health department as quickly as positive results have, causing the rate of positivity to appear higher than what it is.

The health department in its Facebook post said that was done, in part, as a time-saving effort because health departments are overwhelmed with the state’s surge in cases.

Rock County will not publish COVID-19 data throughout the weekend because of planned updates to the state’s electronic disease surveillance system, according to the state health department.

The update process has caused some data in recent days to be skewed, but it does not affect individuals awaiting test results, according to an email from the Rock County and state health departments.

The state Department of Health Services will not update its online COVID-19 data either.

The state’s surveillance system update will include “improved contact tracing functionality, automated data entry and enhanced security features,” according to the email.

Public data reporting should stabilize by Tuesday, according to the email.

The health department is encouraging people to look at seven-day rolling data trends to get an accurate idea of where the county and state are at with COVID-19.

Rolling trends can be found online on the Rock County Reopen Dashboard. Much of the data shown for the rolling averages are a week or so outdated.

As of Thursday, Rock County had 1,030 active and confirmed cases of COVID-19; 20 hospitalizations; and 37 deaths.